LUCY PEARL®️ handbags of this size will be coming to market soon. Other handbags shown below are bigger older prototypes.


A 9 in 1 Handbag

A patents granted LEGO-like Building Bags®️ System

  This is a prototype 9 in 1 handbag – it can be any one of 9 unique handbags (See Ava’s 9 in 1 Handbag’ below). 

It will afford its owner all the usual benefits of a conventional immutable handbag – including a single central interior compartment. But it also has a number of unique characteristics that will also afford its owner groundbreaking benefits. The fact that it is actually four independently fully functional handbags ‘disguised’ as one is one of the ways this handbag is far removed from being conventional.

Each customer chooses different pieces of Pandora®️ jewellery to personally create a bracelet. A bracelet that can be repeatedly redesigned by its owner. Pandora®‘s globally successful offering is a manifestation of research studies that show that customers demand and pay more for customised goods. That is especially so if the customisation is carried out by the product’s owner – researchers call this the ‘I Designed This Myself Effect’ . It stands to reason that goods that afford repeated personal customisation will be even more attractive.

In a similar manner a customer shall have the opportunity to choose up to four handbags – building bags® – and up to six pieces of bespoke jewellery* to personally design a LUCY PEARL handbag. A handbag that can be redesigned repeatedly mainly by being transformed to be any one of up to nine unique handbags.

LUCY PEARL®️plans to be a direct to customer technology lead business that is to handbags what Pandora®️ is to jewellery.

Ava’s 9 in 1 Handbag 

If Mya owns these 8 unique building bags…

…how many unique bags will she have at her fingertips?

This Disguise Is Key … And It Is Only Going To Get More Convincing. 

Each duo and trio handbag could, respectively, be viewed as three and four bags disguised as one handbag. How convincing this disguise is could be said to be what the efficacy of the building bags® system rests upon. From looking at these prototypes you can see that the disguise is already quite convincing. 

Further Handbag Personalisation with Bespoke Jewellery. Jewellery pieces will be especially designed for the building bags® system.

Eloise Moss’ Choice

Imagine a lady called Eloise Moss knows she can order a handbag from one of the big global handbag purveyors and have her initials affixed to it. Such a handbag represents very limited personal customisation. After all, the resulting handbag will always have the same size and look; the only personal feature is the affixed initials. Despite that, many handbag purveyors including the biggest brands like Gucci offer such handbags because demand for such handbags is robust. Oftentimes, for such a handbag a customer is charged a fee in addition to the retail price of the handbag. And usually the customer has to wait for the initials to be affixed at a factory. This wait can extend to weeks. Imagine such a monogrammed handbag from one of the global handbag brands. 

Alternatively, Eloise could instantly and personally design a handbag like this,…

As in, she chooses and gets to enjoy any one of a palm-sized E or S clutch handbag or a casual SIB handbag. And when she combines all three she has a handbag that is made up of her initials, so to speak. She will not have to wait for the handbag to be personalised nor will she be charged an additional amount for her handbag to be personalised. 

At least three collections of much better letter solo handbags than these prototype ones

will be designed for and be a main offering at LUCY PEARL’s crowdfunding campaign. I will make sure they are exquisitely designed.  

I am extremely confident that there are millions of Eloises out there that will choose this kind of LUCY PEARL handbag over those offered by the likes of Gucci and Prada.  

A handbag for Amy,

Or May

Or Mya

My favourite experimental prototype 9 in 1 handbag to date. Each of the three solo handbags is palm- size. When solos are this small they can be used independently with a strap – dainty clutch handbags.

Shina Xifregas

Exploring IP Options. So as to potentially further strengthen the legal IP fencing around its proposed offerings new concepts to potentially enhance the building bags®️ system have been conceived.  

I have an inordinate appreciation of simple consumer products like treasury tags, rubber flip flops, zipper fasteners, fountain pens etc. I wish how much I relish being in bookshops to buy books matches how fast I read them. Running at least 5km every two or three days is a keystone habit of mine. The beauty I  see in Japanese characters – kanji – led to  living in Japan for seven years after attaining a BSc. in Japanese Language. I love dogs but have never had one. I plan to be part of a management team that runs LUCY PEARL ® from premises where in the near future I hope to be found with my first dog. If female she might be named Lucy.

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