Ava’s 9 handbags

So if Ava owns these three building bags® handbags

Handbag No. 1

Handbag No. 2
Handbag No. 3

She will also have these handbags to self-design as often as she wants

Handbag No. 4
Handbag No. 5
Handbag No. 6

Handbag Lining that Doubles as Another Handbag

Another USP of the building bags® system centres around how each LUCY PEARL®️ modular handbag is as if the two or three building bags®️ from which it is designed are threaded together with lining. This lining has been invented so it can be extracted and used as an independent casual handbag. Each such handbag is called a SIB®. I wonder if you can guess what SIB stands for. A customer will be able to use a duo SIB to line a duo handbag she/he designs. A trio SIB®️is lining for when designing trio handbags

Handbag No. 7
SIB® Handbag No. 8

SIB® Handbag No. 9

Ava’s trio handbag when considered with a duo SIB® can be characterised as a 9 in 1 handbag.

Both the European Patent Office and the Chinese Patent Office  have granted LUCY PEARL® building bags® system a patent. 

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